Within easy reach and close to the City center,
Geneva Free Port is a valuable asset
for the transport industry

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Company Profile

Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses Ltd is a Limited Company. The State of Geneva is its principle shareholder.


We operate two sites within 10 minutes of each other, one located at la Praille, the other at Geneva International Airport. Our Company offers two storage regimes to our clients: Free Port or Swiss.


The unique setup of Swiss free ports allows one to store goods in transit, under customs’ control granting temporary postponement of VAT and customs duty payments and thereby improving cash flow. This kind of storage is not limited in time.


Geographical Location: a real Asset

Geneva, International City at the crossroads of Europe, is well known for its high standard of business and cultural exchange. Renowned market place for art trade and world capital for jewellery and precious stones auctions, Geneva offers economic and political stability.


Both our sites are located close to the city centre, easily accessible by motorway, rail, air and public transport. An onsite post office and customs’ bureau are to be found at both locations.


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Our company offers its clients the possibility to store goods
under Free Port and Swiss Regime.


Geneva Free Ports at your service
for over 125 years

Company milestones 

Since time immemorial, Geneva's geographical location and accessibility have made it a preferred thoroughfare for trade.


In the 19th century, a place where goods in transit or awaiting distribution in Switzerland could be temporarily stored, exempt from duties and taxes, was much needed. This lead to the creation of the true forerunner of today’s Freeport.

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Geneva Free Port key dates:


The Government opens a warehouse where goods can be stored under suspension of taxes and duty payments. Thereafter, the warehouses in Rive are inaugurated, replacing the « Anciennes Boucheries » in Longemalle.


The « Société d’Exploitation des Ports Francs de Genève » is officially founded. A second Free Port is opened at the Cornavin rail station. Train tracks connecting the Cornavin train station to la Praille are being built.


From 1947 onwards, the Company is looking for bigger surfaces and starts negotiating with the Government to be assigned land at la Praille. It finally sets up its headquarters at la Praille in 1962. Over the years the Company adds several warehouses and administrative buildings.


Geneva International Airport inaugurates its new Freight Hall. Geneva Free Port is one of its major tenants. In the same year, 1'200sqm of strong rooms are being made available to clients at la Praille site.


On 29th September, after 2 years of construction, the Company inaugurates its New Administrative Building, « M-Sud ». « M-Sud » is the first stage of its master plan and houses namely the Customs’ Authorities and the Post.


22nd May, the Company celebrates its 125th Jubilee. At the same time, it inaugurates its new warehouse «M-Nord». This new flagship of the Company offers 10'400 sqm high security rental space.